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DARK SIDE #146 - Topic of More Mighty Need



DARK SIDE #146 - Topic of More Mighty Need

We received great feedback based on the last podcast - then gave our follow-up.

The original topic was as follows;
A listener wrote us in a question/topic about how she could encourage her Dom to dominate her more. DA and KN dance delicately around this can of worms - but dissect the topic and answer all of her questions - as best they can.

-Have you ever been in a similar situation?
-How do you ask for more without being disrespectful?
-Are there any subtler ways that don't require that much confidence? ^.^
-Do you have any good resources for new doms?
-Any suggestions on how to present those resources? (My particular case involves someone who is very cocky- and rightfully so! Usually..)
-What's the best starting point for a long term vanilla-ish relationship to transition into full time d/s?
-Any other advice I've overlooked asking for..


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