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DARK SIDE #134 - Telling Your Friends and Family PART #2



DARK SIDE #134 - Telling Your Friends and Family PART #2

Listed in many peoples list of kinks and interests is Orgasm Control. Unfortunately there is not much in the way of instruction on how to achieve varying levels of this control.

DA and KnotNice are joined by Listeners thoughts and opinions on "Coming Out" as kinky to friends and family. This discussion lasted almost 4 hours - so we have cut it into 2 parts; this is the 2nd half.

- How did you come out? Why did you come out? What was their reaction?
- Reasons for coming out
- Pros and Cons on how MUCH to come out
- Ways to come out, ways NOT to come out
- How coming out may affect your life, the lives of your significant other(s), friends and family
- The sliding scale of risk, depending on WHO you come out to
- Planing your death - and what to do so you don't ACCIDENTALLY come out to the entire world after you pass, and how - if you do - it will negatively affect those loved ones you leave behind.

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