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DARK SIDE #118 - Rubber/Latex - Part 1



DARK SIDE #118 - Rubber/Latex - Part 1

DA & KnotNice talk with Archean, a 28F Kinkster from Toronto Ontario Canada. Archean is  MISS RUBBER WORLD 2011 and has spent a good amount of time working on promoting the latex community at large She is the Owner of Kink Engineering as well as Sheet Latex, and ELASTICA ENGINEERING Inc..

Archean shares the fetish parts of rubber/latex, as well as how it can enhance your kinky experience as a part of play and sex. Rubber/Latex parties and events, tricks and tips on what to look for when buying, as well as how to explore Rubber/Latex as a hoby to make your own fun items (like latex sheets, clothing, vac beds, hoods, sleep sacks, etc, etc, etc !).

This interesting topic went on for 2 hours and 18 minutes - it was so amazing - but for that reason we have cut it into 2 shows - so look for #119 - Rubber/Latex - Part 2 within the next week.


Sponsor: Kink Engineering

News: Top newsman becomes newswoman


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