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DARK SIDE #117 - Vampires - Part 2



DARK SIDE #117 - Vampires - Part 2

DA & KnotNice talk with their good friend Owen (of the Orange Monkeycast Podcast as well as Orange Monkey Ink Tattoos) about his life as a Sang (blood drinking) Vampire. What drew Owen to this life, why he feeds, how he feeds, as well as a few hidden secrets about his very secretive real life Vampire Community.

We split the Podcast into two parts so this is Part 2 - #117 where we finish up with Owen, then talk to his submissive partner and Donor - Joni. Joni is Owens 24/7 sub as well as the person he feeds off a few times a week, and provides us an interesting look at the other side of this interesting lifestyle. A last point - this is also our first bubble bath interview,,,,,,,,,,,,,, yup - Owen handed Joni the phone and we interviewed her as she was having a bubble bath - that HAS to be a podcasting historical FIRST - ROFLMAO.


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