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DARK SIDE #034 - D/s Poly Relationships

December 20th, 2010


This week Dark Angel and KnotNice explore the interesting topic of poly, but since poly is such a HUGE topic, we are only looking at D/s styled poly relationships (we do plan a later poly lifestyle interview in the new year).

Dark Angel and KnotNice give their views and experiences on D/s poly, as well as some basic poly issues and landmines.

What is poly; Various types of D/s poly structures, as well as complex issues such as - communication, scheduling, finding a third, primaries vs equal, open and closed poly, as well as the huge scary monster - jealousy and dealing with it.

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SHOW REMINDER: There will be NO Podcast for the week of Dec 29th - DA and KnotNice will probably be drunk and performing immoral acts (but not on each other) !

Be well, Dark Angel

DARKSIDE #033 - What if - your adult children turn out kinky?

December 14th, 2010


This week Dark Angel and KnotNice explore the scary "what if" question many of us parent's try to avoid; what if your adult children end up being kinky too.

Would you divvy up events and not attend the same ones? Would you hide your lifestyle up to even withdrawing from the Community so they dont find out? Would you discourage them from going further? Would you come out to them and welcome them to your Community? Has this happened to you, and if so how did you handle it? Do you think how you handled it worked for you, or what would you suggest to others to do differently? Would it matter to you if their choice was to be a Dominant or a submissive? If so why?

The boys read some responses from listeners and discuss the listeners input as well as their own thoughts/concerns.

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Be well, Dark Angel

DARK SIDE #032 - The Predators Amongst Us

December 7th, 2010


This week Dark Angel and KnotNice start off by reading about a fictitious (and sarcastic) new Workshop - to teach Predators how to scoop up all the fresh newbie meat.

Dark Angel gives a bit of a rant, based on a discussion he had with a newbie the night before in chat. The newbie tells him how a well respected and experienced couple in the Community are meeting her for the first time; they invited her to their home - for her FIRST meeting ever. Dark Angel illustrates that this sets a poor example for a newbie.

Dark Angel and KnotNice discuss common predator behavior, as well as red flags which should warn a newbie or an experienced person, before meeting.

The boys talk about how predators use common real-life community positions to manipulate their victims, such as offering to be someone's mentor or protector after having just met online two days previously. Even though such positions are honorable and have good merits in the community, the boys illustrate how predators manipulate the system and us how something should set off red flags.

Based on their mutual experience, DA and KN illustrate how a newbie is the number one person responsible for their own safety, and how the community is and should be a support. Newbies are adults who are responsible for their own actions, but experienced members of our community do have an obligation to be supportive and at the very least to be a good example.

Be well, Dark Angel