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DARKSIDE #026 - Service I - What it means to You

October 30th, 2010

The Dark Side Educational BDSM Podcast;

This week Dark Angel and KnotNice begin a two part Threadcast on "Service - and what it means to you". They will read a few people's posts then give their own views and experiences on the topic.

In the news: Spanish prostitutes are made to wear a safety reflective vest -

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DARK SIDE #025 - Listeners Q & A

October 22nd, 2010

This week Dark Angel and KnotNice delve deep into several listeners questions, and provide "their" answers (your opinions may, and should vary).

Opinions are like assholes; everyone has one, and they all smell different - LOL.

The guys answer questions on relationships, play, recovering from scenes gone bad, as well as DA's personal opinion on "the gift of submission".

Not a show you will want to miss!

In the news: a Duke female Student's sexual assessment of several fellow male Duke students - goes viral -

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DARK SIDE #024 - Mind Fucks

October 13th, 2010

This week Dark Angel and KnotNice delve deep into the dark realm of "Mind Fucks".

What is a Mind Fuck, What constitutes a Mind Fuck, and the considerations to take to help make your Mind Fuck safe'er to accomplish. Psychological, fear, humiliation, limits, trust, and the unexpected - are all interesting elements of the edgy play that is commonly called Mind Fuckery.

Based on their experience and some input from a few others - from basic to elaborate examples of Mind Fucks are shared - to help listeners to begin planning a few interesting surprises of their own.

In the news: Christian College Teaches Dorm 'Sex Etiquette' During Freshmen Orientation;

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DARK SIDE #023 - Community Evolution - Paths

October 7th, 2010

This week Dark Angel & KnotNice discuss how the various paths individuals have had at their disposal - to find their local Community - have evolved and expanded over the years.

The podcast starts with a new short segment of news;

  • - a new popular event for SW Ontario called Club Edge (Stony Creak, Ontario). -
  • - a shout out to a fellow podcast / Internet Radio show "The Oh Team" -
  • - a Toronto venue (subspace Dungeon Studio) slotted to close has been saved due to Community support. -
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Discussion on the various paths that have evolved over the years goes from word of mouth up to and including the recent and highly controversial "Sex Show Community Dungeons". Dark Angel also unleashes a 2 minute rant regarding being sullied by a very cheap and badly done - carbon copy rival.

The entire show is flavoured with Dark Angel being sleep deprived and KnotNice on pain killers for muscle spasms - not one to miss!

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