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DARK SIDE #022 - Male 2 Female - The Journey Begins

September 29th, 2010

This week Dark Angel and KnotNice are joined by Kirsten - for a very serious and educational discussion on gender re-assignment.

Kirsten is emotionally a female but physically a male, and has been so for most of her 30+ years. Kirsten shared with us how her life has evolved and how she has evolved as a person and her history up until this point.

Kirsten has recently decided to start the process of gender re-assignment surgery, and walks us thru the multi year process with focus on how and why she is on this new journey. What are the risks, what are the benefits, what have been the scary hurdles, as well as what she expects in the coming days and months.

This is the beginning of Kirsten's amazing journey, and we are so happy that she has promised to come back repeatedly, to update and educate us on how the journey progresses. Join us in 6 to 9 months for the next installment in this amazing story.


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DARKSIDE #021 - Midori - Interview

September 21st, 2010

This week Dark Angel and KnotNice are joined by Midori - for a very interesting and fun discussion.

Most people know Midori as the quirky and glam globe-trotting sexuality educator, writer, and artist. Her classes are humanistic, funny and warm, revving up sex lives, encourage self discovery and personal growth. Some of you may also know Midori's long time leather community activism and ground breaking education work that challenges people to authenticity and passion. In 2001 Midori founded Rope Bondage Dojo (R) and later Forte Femme: Women's Dominance Intensive.

Sainted by the notorious Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, Midori delves deeply into HIV fund raising, her controversial installation art and performances, and dotes on her spouse and cats. Midori is originally from Japan, now based in San Francisco, where she strives to collect tons of frequent flier miles.

Midori is the author of bestselling books "The Seductive Art of Japanese Bondage" and "Wild Side Sex"

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DARKSIDE #020 - Dark Angel & KnotNice - Interview

September 16th, 2010

This week Dark Angel and KnotNice interview their most difficult subjects; two of the sickest, most twisted, perverted nut cases that you are EVER to find.

You guessed it; Dark Angel interviews KnotNice, and KnotNice interviews Dark Angel - it had to happen sometime - LOL.

Join us for an interesting look at what makes the Hosts of the Dark Side tick, where they came from, what deviltry they are up to, and where they plan to go.

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DARKSIDE #019 - lil’heather and the Toronto TNG

September 8th, 2010

This week Dark Angel and KnotNice are joined by the lovely lil'heather.

lil'heather has been a VERY active member of the SW Ontario BDSM Community for the last 4 years; she is a regular Volunteer for most of the Ontario ETTDWSS and Sexapalooza Sex Shows, as well as a Co-Host for the "GTA sss" Group, and a Co-Host for the "Toronto TNG" (The Next Generation - 18 to 35).

We get a look at lil'heather's entrance into this Community, as well as her perspective of the TNG Organization, and her part in it. The TNG is an age restricted (18 to 35) BDSM Social group who puts on Workshops as well as running a Fet Life Group and a Monthly Munch in Toronto (with attendance up to 90 kinksters monthly). If you are a young(er) kinky person; heck out the Toronto TNG and say hello to lil'heather.

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DARKSIDE #018 - Consent

September 1st, 2010

This week Dark Angel and KnotNice tackle the thorny issue of "Consent".

SSC, RACK, as well as a brand new concept called - and this is no joke - PRICK. Dark Angel is understandably a little leery of trusting KnotNice's PRICK.

The Law, a few interesting cases of things that have gone wrong, as well as things we can do to ensure we have gained the proper consent from those we interact with.


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