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DARKSIDE #004 - Beginnings

May 25th, 2010

Beginnings - Things in Your Youth That Led You to BDSM.

Is there any incident or experience in your childhood, teens or young adulthood that may have been a factor in determining your BDSM interests today?

- what (do you think) contributed to your need for submission? - what (do you think) contributed to your need for Domination?

- what (do you think) contributed to your need to receive pain? - what (do you think) contributed to your need to give pain?



May 17th, 2010


her experience as a new submissive, as a kinky newlywed, and her opinion of entering the R/L Community. How she introduced kink into her relationship, and how that relationship evolved and has expanded. slf also shared her recent experience riding a "Sybian", which is the original "fucking machine". Lastly Dark Angel and KnotNice feature Toronto's Torture Garden which is Canada's Largest Fetish weekend.

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DARKSIDE #002 - Photography

May 11th, 2010

On this episode Dark Angel introduces KnotNice, his new Co-Host. The discussion topic is Photography Etiquette in the BDSM Lifestyle and how it effects people and their privacy.

DARKSIDE #001 - D/s & Protocol

May 10th, 2010

The Dark Side

This is the very first Podcast from the Dark Side - an Adult alternative lifestyle oriented discussion podcast meant for consenting adults. This discussion is on D/s & Protocol, covering the topics of nicknames, service, honorifics, and others.

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