DARK SIDE #087 - Susan Wright of the NCSF
Jun 17th,2012


DARK SIDE #087 - Susan Wright of the NCSF

Dark Angel and KnotNice are joined by Susan Wright of the "National Coalition for Sexual Freedom" (NCSF)

We get to hear the history of the NCSF, as well as all of the works and projects they do to support many different lifestyle choices; from helping people with child custody issues, to their recent intervention when NBC Dateline was set to out many people in the Detroit area BDSM Community - as a an odd side story of an ongoing murder investigation there.

Susan tells us about herself, her husband, that she is a  member of Fet Life, and an active participant in her local Community.

Susan answered so many questions, and was such a great interviewee,,, that we asked her to consider coming back to cover some of the many other topics our discussion touched upon.

A GREAT interview.


News #1 Porn makes women go blind !

Sponsor: NCSF

Links: Susan Wright on Fet Life